History of Self-supporting Work

1 History of Self-supporting Work 0133:51 2 History of Self-supporting Work 0242:59 3 History of Self-supporting Work 0354:26 4 History of Self-supporting Work 041:01:18 5 History of Self-supporting Work 0554:12 6 History of Self-supporting Work 0653:34 7 History of Self-supporting Work 071:31:40

Adventist History

Audio: 1 – The Great Prophetic Timeline35:53 2 – The Reformation (Part 1)38:44 2 – The Reformation (part 2)42:28 3 – Protestant America31:24 4 – The Great Awakening Message36:51 5 – The Trumpets and the Little Book (Part 1)39:34 5 – The Trumpets and the Little Book (Part 2)30:35 5 – The Trumpets and the […]

The Omega Deception

Lectures presented at the Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church This series is dealing with an sensitive matter, which nevertheless needs to be addressed. Watch it with prayer and pray for God’s people to be revived and awakened to their danger.        

The Distraction Dilemma

1 – Overture: Our Personal Journey 2 – Opus: Identifying the Mind’s Mark 3 – Motive: Music Mechanics & Body Language 4 – 1st Movement: Music History 450 AD-1969 5 – 2nd Movement: Music History 1970-1990 6 – 3rd Movement: Music History 1991-2011 7 – Crescendo: Contemporary Christian Music 1 8 – Crescendo: Contemporary Christian […]

The Founding of Madison

This sermon was given by E. A. Sutherland in the early 1950’s. He recounts how the Madison School was founded, and how he, along with P. T. Magan, by instruction from Ellen White, moved on by faith to establish that school. It is a privilege to hear the voice of this man of God sharing […]

The Wake Up Call

All chaptersMP3s A Mighty Long Way1:15:26 God’s Instruction on Music1:05:36 Music, the Sanctuary, and the Judgment44:04 Part 1 What Time Is It1:17:57 Part 2 Holy Convocation58:30 Part 4 Fasting In the Day of Atonement57:40 Part 5 Offering Made By Fire1:01:58 Part 6 Do No Work1:29:49 Persecution Within1:06:19 The Sealing Work and Its Order1:18:19

Adventist History Review

All chaptersMP3s An Assured Standing1:06:24 Consecration And Fanaticism1:03:21 Diverging Paths1:11:48 Kellogg vs the Ministry – A Century of Colateral Damage58:24 Let’s Be Practical54:54 Medical Ministry42:18 Picking Up the Pieces, Learn the Lessons, Do It Right1:02:14 The Alpha And Omega Of Apostasy39:17 The Door Was Open But We Didn’t Go Through1:17:02 The Foolishest Nonsense40:17 The Long […]

Answers to Attacks on the Gift of Prophecy

All chaptersMP3s 01 – The Prophetic Gift, Part 149:33 02 – The Gift of Prophecy, Part 248:51 03 – Gift of Prophecy, Part 345:15 04 – Beware of False Prophets, Part 145:32 05 – Beware of False Prophets, Part 241:39 06 – Beware of False Prophets, Part 350:11 07 – The Nature of Inspiration, Part […]

Wildwood Collection

All chaptersMP3s (1)MP3s (2) All We Need We Have (part 1)21:52 All We Need We Have (part 2)20:32 Balm of Gilead (part 1)52:06 Balm of Gilead (part 2)54:36 Building the Ark51:53 Cities of Refuge52:59 Cost of Medical Missionary Work51:19 Enochs Outpost52:11 God’s Thoughts on Life and Death49:22 God is Not Santa Clause37:48 Gospel First49:26 Great […]