Want to help?

Want to help? It costs about $1 per page for narrating and $2+ for editing each page. You can help in recording more books.

Projects in English:

Books for narration:

  1. Medical Ministry (in progress)
  2. Publishing Ministry
  3. A Solemn Appeal
  4. The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials (in progress)
  5. My Life Today (in progress)

Funds for narration needed:

  1. The English narrations are making progress. We all have the privilege to help in funding these audiobooks.

Projects in Portuguese:

Narrator charges about US$1 per page. The editing price varies, depending on the amount of time needed for editing: from US$ 1-3 per page.

Books for narration:

  1. Testemunhos para a Igreja, vols. 3-9
  2. Fundamentos da Educação Cristã
  3. Orientação da Criança
  4. Mensagens Escolhidas, vols. 1-3
  5. Evangelismo
  6. Obreiros Evangélicos
  7. Testemunhos para Ministros
  8. O Colportor Evangelista
  9. Mente, Caráter e Personalidade, vols. 1-2

Audio equipment:

  1. Audio narration equipment for India (narration in Malayalam)

Projects in French:

Books for narration:

  1. Adventist Home (in progress)
  2. Desire of Ages (in progress)