Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 9 (White Estate)


Chapter Download
00-00 The Times of Volume Nine Download
01-01 For the Coming of the King Download
01-02 Called to Be Witnesses Download
01-03 A Holy Life Download
01-04 Christs Representatives Download
01-05 Steadfast Adherence to the Truth Download
01-06 A World-Wide Message Download
01-07 The Kind of Workers Needed Download
01-08 An Impressive Scene Download
01-09 Home Missionary Work Download
01-10 Our Example Download
01-11 The Result of Wholehearted Effort Download
01-12 Different Lines of Service Download
01-13 Circulating Our Publications Download
01-14 House-to-House Work Download
01-15 Work for Women Download
01-16 The Home A Mission Field Download
01-17 A Place for Everyone Download
01-18 The Result of Failing to Work Download
01-19 An Appeal for Untiring Effort Download
01-20 Missionary Families Download
01-21 Development Through Service Download
01-22 The Need of Earnest Effort Download
01-23 A Lack of Sympathy Download
01-24 Freely Ye Have Received Freely Give Download
01-25 Gods Benevolence Download
01-26 The Worlds Need of Help Download
01-27 Our Selfishness a Hindrance to Gods Work Download
01-28 Gods Almoners Download
02-01 Our Publications Download
02-02 Circulate the Publications Download
02-03 An Encouraging Experience Download
02-04 Dangers in Speculative Study Download
02-05 Dignity of the Book Work Download
02-06 Unity in Progress Download
02-07 Our Relief Books Download
02-08 Lift the Debts Download
02-09 Another View of the Book Work Download
02-10 A Caution Download
02-11 A Parable for Our Study Download
02-12 Light for All Download
02-13 A Lesson in Commercialism Download
02-14 A Broader View Download
02-15 Camp Meetings and Our Publications Download
03-01 Conditions in the Cities Download
03-02 The Judgments of God on our Cities Download
03-03 A Present-Day Work Download
03-04 In the Cities of the East Download
03-05 Liberality in Missionary Effort Download
03-06 A Motive for Service Download
03-07 Get Ready Download
03-08 Methods of Labor Download
03-09 The Need of House-to-House Work Download
03-10 The City Mission a Training School Download
03-11 Teaching the Principles of Health Reform Download
03-12 The Wealthy Classes Not to be Passed By Download
03-13 Plans for Enlarging Our Laboring Forces Download
03-14 Development of Talent in the Churches Download
03-15 Joyous Service Download
03-16 Personal Effort in Connection With Camp Meetings Download
03-17 Tourist Centers and Centers of Commerce Download
03-18 With Unflagging Zeal Download
03-19 An Appeal to Laymen Download
03-20 A Reformatory Movement Download
03-21 Laboring While Probation Lingers Download
03-22 The Importance of Personal Labor Download
03-23 Cherishing a Spirit of Self-Denial Download
03-24 Conditions of Acceptable Service Download
03-25 Words of Counsel to Ministers Download
03-26 In Courage And Simplicity Download
03-27 Formality In Worship Download
03-28 Unity In Diversity Download
03-29 In The Meekness Of Christ Download
03-30 Meeting Opposition Download
03-31 The Need of Earnest Whole-Souled Labor Download
04-01 Faithfulness in Health Reform Download
04-02 Personal Responsibility Download
04-03 Strength Through Obedience Download
04-04 Flesh Foods Download
04-05 To the Glory of God Download
04-06 Teaching Health Principles Download
04-07 Extremes in Diet Download
04-08 Diet in Different Countries Download
04-09 A Word to the Wavering Download
04-10 Conditions of Answered Prayer Download
04-11 Self-Surrender and Rest Download
04-12 A Plea For Medical Missionary Evangelists Download
04-13 Sanitariums as Missionary Agencies Download
04-14 The Training of Workers Download
04-15 Nurses As Evangelists Download
04-16 The Loma Linda College of Evangelists Download
05-01 Unity Among Different Nationalities Download
05-02 Unity in Christ Jesus Download
05-03 A Life of Grace and Peace Download
05-04 The Publishing Work at College View Download
05-05 Christs Relation to Nationality Download
05-06 A Sure Foundation Download
05-07 German and Scandinavian Conferences Download
05-08 An Example of Brotherly Kindness Download
06-01 A Call for Colored Laborers Download
06-02 Laborers Together With God Download
06-03 Proclaiming the Truth Where There is Race Antagonism Download
06-04 In All Wisdom and Prudence Download
06-05 The Sabbath Download
06-06 The Color Line Download
06-07 A Lesson from Christs Labors Download
06-08 A Time of Preparation Download
06-09 The Warfare Before Us Download
06-10 Consideration for Colored Laborers Download
06-11 The Needs of a Mission Field Download
07-01 A Time of Trial Before Us Download
07-02 Sunday Labor Download
07-03 Words of Caution Download
08-01 Faithful Stewardship Download
08-02 The Support of the Gospel Download
08-03 The Use of the Tithe Download
08-04 A Solemn Obligation Download
08-05 Beneficence Download
08-06 The Glory of the Gospel Download
08-07 The Blessings of Stewardship Download
08-08 Meeting Around the Cross Download
08-09 The Spirit of Independence Download
08-10 Unity in Diversity Download
08-11 The General Conference Download
08-12 A Distribution of Responsibility Download
08-13 A Warning Download
08-14 In Humility and Faith Download
08-15 Wise Counselors Download
08-16 Go Forward Download
08-17 The Example of Christ Download
08-18 To the Workers in Southern California Download
08-19 I Am But a Little Child Download
08-20 Followers of God as Dear Children Download
08-21 The Reward of Earnest Effort Download


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