Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 6

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1a - Gods Purpose in the Church Download
1b - The Work for This Time Download
1c - Extension of the Work in Foreign Fields Download
2a - The Campmeeting Download
2b - After the Campmeeting Download
2c - Less Preaching and More Teaching Download
2d - Ministerial Institutes Download
2e - Baptism Download
2f - The Building of Meetinghouses Download
2g - Childrens Meetings and Church Schools Download
2h - The Temperance Work Download
2i - Object Lessons in Health Reform Download
2j - Women to be Gospel Workers Download
2k - Teaching Home Religion Download
2l - Meeting Opposition Download
2m - Parable of the Straying Sheep Download
3a - The Need of Educational Reform Download
3b - Hindrances to Reform Download
3c - Character and Work of Teachers Download
3d - Words From A Heavenly Instructor Download
3e - School Homes Download
3f - Industrial Reform Download
3g - The Avondale School Farm Download
3h - Church Schools Download
3i - School Management and Finance Download
4a - Gods Design in Our Sanitariums Download
4b - The Physicians Work for Souls Download
4c - Unity in Our Work Download
4d - Responsibilities of Medical Workers Download
4e - The Worlds Need Download
4f - The Churchs Need Download
4g - Our Duty to the Household of Faith Download
4h - Our Duty to the World Download
4i - The Care of Orphans Download
4j - The Med Miss Work and the 3rd Angels Message Download
4k - Neglect by the Church and the Ministry Download
4l - The Reward of Service Download
5 - Canvassing Download
6a - Showing Hospitality Download
6b - The Observance of the Sabbath Download
6c - A Revival in Health Reform Download
6d - The Importance of Voice Culture Download
6e - Giving to God His Own Download
6f - Christ in All the Bible Download
6g - Our Attitude Toward the Civil Authorities Download
6h - Gods word to Be Supreme Download
6i - Preparation for the Final Crisis Download
7a - Young Men in the Ministry Download
7b - The Church and the Ministry Download
7c - The Home Missionary Work Download
7d - The Increase of Facilities Download
7e - Help for Mission Fields Download
7f - The Publishing House in Norway Download
7g - Our Danish Sanitarium Download
7h - The Relief of Our Schools Download
7i - The Claim of Redemption Download
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