Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 6 (White Estate)


Chapter Download
00-00 The Times of Volume Six Download
01-01 Gods Purpose in the Church Download
01-02 The Work for This Time Download
01-03 Extension of the Work in Foreign Fields Download
02-01 The Camp Meeting Download
02-02 Reaching the Masses Download
02-03 An Object Lesson Download
02-04 Securing Attendance Download
02-05 Attendance of Church Members Download
02-06 Preparation of Heart Download
02-07 Business Matters Download
02-08 Ministerial Help Download
02-09 All to Be Workers Download
02-10 Prayer and Counsel Download
02-11 Needs of the Church Download
02-12 How to Present the Message Download
02-13 The Last Warning Download
02-14 Praise Meetings Download
02-15 Revival Efforts Download
02-16 Personal Labor Download
02-17 Bible Studies Download
02-18 A Word in Season Download
02-19 Raising Funds Download
02-20 Results of Camp Meeting Work Download
02-21 After the Camp Meeting Download
02-22 The Work of the Evangelist Download
02-23 In the Highways and Hedges Download
02-24 Caring for our Own Poor Download
02-25 Church Officers and Workers Download
02-26 Less Preaching More Teaching Download
02-27 Ministerial Institutes Download
02-28 Baptism Download
02-30 Preparation for Baptism Download
02-31 Examination of Candidates Download
02-32 Administration of the Ordinance Download
02-33 After Baptism Download
02-34 The Building of Meetinghouses Download
02-35 Childrens Meetings and Church Schools Download
02-36 The Temperance Work Download
02-37 Object Lessons in Health Reform Download
02-38 Women to Be Gospel Workers Download
02-39 Teaching Home Religion Download
02-40 Meeting Opposition Download
02-41 Parable of the Straying Sheep Download
03-01 The Need of Educational Reform Download
03-02 The Third Angels Message in our Schools Download
03-03 Bible Study Download
03-04 The Training of Workers Download
03-05 Missionary Teachers Download
03-06 Elements of Success Download
03-07 Hindrances to Reform Download
03-08 To Teachers and Managers Download
03-09 Character and Work of Teachers Download
03-10 Deficiencies of Teachers Download
03-11 The Teachers Work Download
03-12 A Personal Appeal Download
03-13 Words from a Heavenly Instructor Download
03-14 School Homes Download
03-15 Domestic Duties Download
03-16 Christian Sociability and Courtesy Download
03-17 Religious Exercises Download
03-18 Industrial Reform Download
03-19 The Avondale School Farm Download
03-20 The Work Before Us Download
03-21 The Land to Be Reserved Download
04-01 Gods Design in Our Sanitariums Download
04-02 The Physicians Work for Souls Download
04-03 Unity in our Work Download
04-04 Responsibilities of Medical Workers Download
04-05 Conformity to the World Download
04-06 Prayer Download
04-07 The Worlds Need Download
04-08 The Churchs Need Download
04-09 The Message of Isaiah Fifty-Eight Download
04-10 Our Duty to the Household of Faith Download
04-12 The Poor the Sick and the Aged Download
04-13 Our Duty to the World Download
04-14 The Care of Orphans Download
04-15 A Christlike Work Download
04-16 Ministers Wives Adopting Orphans Download
04-17 Orphans Homes Download
04-18 The Medical Missionary Work and the Third Angels Message Download
04-19 Medical Missionary Workers Download
04-20 Press Together Download
04-21 Neglect by the Church and the Ministry Download
04-22 Opportunities Slighted Download
04-23 Results of Neglect Download
04-24 Need of Repentance Download
04-25 Neglect by the Ministry Download
04-26 The Reward of Service Download
05-01 Importance of the Work Download
05-02 Qualifications of the Canvasser Download
05-03 The Canvasser a Gospel Worker Download
05-04 United Effort in Canvassing Download
05-05 Revival of the Canvassing Work Download
06-01 Showing Hospitality Download
06-02 The Observance of the Sabbath Download
06-03 Reform in Sabbath Observance Download
06-04 Preparation for the Sabbath Download
06-05 The Sabbath in the Home Download
06-06 Traveling on the Sabbath Download
06-07 Sabbath Meetings Download
06-08 A Revival in Health Reform Download
06-09 The Church and Health Reform Download
06-10 Diet Download
06-11 Extremes in Diet Download
06-12 True Temperance Download
06-13 Ministers to Teach Health Reform Download
06-14 The Importance of Voice Culture Download
06-15 Giving to God His Own Download
06-16 The First Fruits Download
06-17 Remember the Poor Download
06-18 All Things Belong to God Download
06-19 Without Excuse Download
06-20 Another Opportunity Download
06-21 The Blessing Download
06-22 The Complainers Download
06-23 They that Feared the Lord Download
06-24 Christ in All the Bible Download
06-25 Our Attitude Toward the Civil Authorities Download
06-26 Love Among Brethren Download
06-27 Present Truth with Gentleness Download
06-28 Gods Word to be Supreme Download
06-29 Preparation for the Final Crisis Download
07-01 Young Men in the Ministry Download
07-02 The Church and the Ministry Download
07-03 The Home Missionary Work Download
07-04 The Result of Inaction Download
07-05 Winning Souls the Chief Aim Download
07-06 Begin With Those Nearest Download
07-07 The Example of Philip With Nathanael Download
07-08 The Family a Missionary Field Download
07-09 Instruct the Church in Missionary Work Download
07-10 Set the Church Members to Work Download
07-11 The Uneducated to be Workers Download
07-12 Arouse the Idlers Download
07-13 The Youth to be Missionaries Download
07-14 Let the Churches Awake Download
07-15 The Increase of Facilities Download
07-16 Help for Mission Fields Download
07-17 The Publishing House in Norway Download
07-18 Our Danish Sanitarium Download
07-19 The Relief of Our Schools Download
07-20 The Lords Plan Download
07-21 All to Co-operate Download
07-22 Preparation for the Work Download
07-23 The Work in all Lands Download
07-24 Results of the Work Download
07-25 Be Not Weary in Well-Doing Download
07-26 The Claim of Redemption Download


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