Patriarchs and Prophets (White Estate)


Chapter Download
00a Header Download
00b Introduction Download
01 Why was Sin Permitted Download
02 The Creation Download
03 The Temptation and Fall Download
04 The Plan of Redemption Download
05 Cain and Abel Tested Download
06 Seth and Enoch Download
07 The Flood Download
08 After the Flood Download
09 The Literal Week Download
10 The Tower of Babel Download
11 The Call of Abraham Download
12 Abraham in Canaan Download
13 The Test of Faith Download
14 Destruction of Sodom Download
15 The Marriage of Isaac Download
16 Jacob and Esau Download
17 Jacobs Flight and Exile Download
18 The Night of Wrestling Download
19 The Return to Canaan Download
20 Joseph in Egypt Download
21 Joseph and his Brothers Download
22 Moses Download
23 The Plagues of Egypt Download
24 The Passover Download
25 The Exodus Download
26 From the Red Sea to Sinai Download
27 The Law Given to Israel Download
28 Idolatry at Sinai Download
29 Satans Enmity Against the Law Download
30 The Tabernacle and Its Services Download
31 The Sin of Nadab and Abihu Download
32 The Law and the Covenants Download
33 From Sinai to Kadesh Download
34 The Twelve Spies Download
35 The Rebellion of Korah Download
36 In the Wilderness Download
37 The Smitten Rock Download
38 The Journey Around Edom Download
39 The Conquest of Bashan Download
40 Balaam Download
41 Apostasy at the Jordan Download
42 The Law Repeated Download
43 The Death of Moses Download
44 Crossing the Jordan Download
45 The Fall of Jericho Download
46 The Blessings and the Curses Download
47 League With the Gibeonites Download
48 The Division of Canaan Download
49 The Last Words of Joshua Download
50 Tithes and Offerings Download
51 Gods Care for the Poor Download
52 The Annual Feasts Download
53 The Earlier Judges Download
54 Samson Download
55 The Child Samuel Download
56 Eli and his Sons Download
57 The Ark Taken by the Philistines Download
58 The Schools of the Prophets Download
59 The First King of Israel Download
60 The Presumption of Saul Download
61 Saul Rejected Download
62 The Anointing of David Download
63 David and Goliath Download
64 David a Fugitive Download
65 The Magnanimity of David Download
66 The Death of Saul Download
67 Ancient and Modern Sorcery Download
68 David at Ziklag Download
69 David Called to the Throne Download
70 The Reign of David Download
71 Davids Sin and Repentance Download
72 The Rebellion of Absalom Download
73 The Last Years of David Download


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